Dry Ice Blasting

Our years of experience in Dry Ice Blasting shine through on the finished job. We have been cleaning all sorts of customers’ equipment, plant and machinery for many years.

This includes the:
Undersides of train carriages    •    Insides of whisky kilns
Food production lines    •    Industrial ovens and cooking equipment
Marine areas    •    Removal of paints or resin

This method of in-situ cleaning means less downtime for our customers’ plant and machinery. It allows electrics to be cleaned too as it’s a dry process.

Other benefits include:
No by product waste    •    No damage to the structure substrate
Much faster than cleaning by hand    •    No use of sand, grit or glass beads

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning also sanitises the surfaces that it cleans, inhibiting bacterial growth and is more effective at killing viruses and bacteria than some other cleaning processes.

In trusting your dry ice blast cleaning to ABT you know you are benefiting from years of experience, from trained and experienced operators using up to date technology and cleaning processes.

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